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(E)-8-Methyl-6-nonenoic Acid
Chemical Name: (6E)-8-Methyl-6-nonenoic Acid
CAS No.: 59320-77-3
Synonyms: Trans-8-methyl-6-nonenoic Acid, (6E)-8-Methyl-6-nonenoic Acid; 8-Methylnon-trans-6-enoic Acid, trans-8-Methylnon-6-enoic Acid
Molecular Formula: C10H18O2
Molecular Weight: 170.25
Formula :(E)-8-Methyl-6-nonenoic Acid


Characteristics :Colorless clear liquid
Assay: ≥99.0%(by GC)
Residue on ignition ≤0.1%
Loss on Drying ≤0.1%
Heavy metal ≤10ppm
Arsenic ≤2ppm
Organic volatile impurity:≤0.2%
Relative substance:
(Z)-8-Methyl-6-nonenoic acid ≤0.5%
5-Ene isomer ≤0.1%
Polymer of high boiling point ≤0.2%
Single unknown impurity ≤0.1%
Total impurity ≤1.0%

This product is the side chain parts of capsaicin. We adopt low price non-hazardous materials, and consign experts to develop dehydration activator. It gets global origin, high acceptation, low cost, high purity quality, high stability and others

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